Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shen Wei not for me

I went to see the Shen Wei Dance Arts group perform at Appalachain State’s Farthing Auditorium last weekend.

My girl’s a dancer, so I surprised her with tickets for her birthday. I didn’t know much about the company except for that it was imaginative and creative, and wouldn’t perform typical modern dance. The group sounded great on paper: It performed at Lincoln Center in New York, and at all kinds of famous festivals throughout the world.

I didn’t realize "imaginative and creative" meant watching dancers perform the same moves over and over. Imagine seeing someone do the “Matrix” move a hundred billion times -- that’s what it felt like watching the performers during their meditatively slow performance. At one point during “Folding,” a woman walked really quickly in a circle so many times she made me dizzy.
I wanted someone to jump in the air and do a split so bad, it wasn’t even funny.

I like to stretch myself with the arts, but Shen Wei drove me nuts. There was a mass exodus to the parking lot during intermission. A lady told me that folks in Boone are retired and conservative, and that Shen Wei was a bit too much for them. The best part of the night was when one of those retirees imitated the first performance during intermission.

My girl and I toughed it out. She liked the performance -- but not enough to see again. Next time, I’ll stick to scraping my nails down a chalkboard.


Juana said...

Wow...I think that would have diven me crazy fa sho.

Kudos to you for toughen it out!