Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rolling with a blonde at Alley Cat

All kinds of Harleys and custom bikes lined the area directly in front of Alley Cat on Tuesday.

It was the bar’s first Bike Night, and about 25 bikers came out early that evening to show off their rides and eat.

I had just polished off a fried bologna sandwich there and was headed to my flag football game when I got a call from Urban Vixen, who was still hanging out there.

Apparently, after I left, employees cleared away tables and created a path through the middle of the club. Then a guy with a cute blonde sitting on his lap drove through the club on a tricked-out, Harley-accessorized go-cart. They looped around the club while the small crowd cheered. A few minutes later, he made another lap with a different blonde. Playa, playa ...