Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New hangout on Central Avenue

Nearly a decade ago, the Avramovic brothers -- Branko and Djordje (pronounced Georgie) -- started as busboys and barbacks at Cosmos Cafe. After working their way up to become servers and bartenders, the two realized a lifelong dream on Wednesday when they officially opened their own restaurant: Intermezzo at Central and Louise.

The restaurant has the potential to expand Plaza-Midwood offerings beyond Pecan Street. It’s a tiny spot across from the Salvation Army that features a mix of American and Yugoslavian food, including many family recipes. For example, their burger is made of beef and lamb and called pleskavica.

At a friends and family party on Sunday, I liked what I saw.
The brothers are humble and gracious, the food - pizza, along with lamb, chicken and beef kabobs - was yummy-yummy to my tummy. The draft beer selection is sweet. They have Duck Rabbit on tap.

Interior designer Boris Tomic, who worked on Cosmos and the Forum, created a warm, industrial look with exposed brick and beams. The place only seats 50 people, but the Avramovic brothers plan to expand as business grows. They will have a DJ spinning downtempo house on some Fridays and Saturdays, and every Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Great place! The brothers worked hard and it was a two year process. The hard work definitely paid off. I was able to swing by for lunch on the first day they were open and the food was great. Loved the look of the place as well.

Pepper Sevrinsonn said...


"yummy-yummy to my tummy", A week in the New Mexico outback "wit yo girl" and taking snapsnots of bear feces??

Congratulations. Your blog is now sillier, more pointless, boring and amateurish than DannYe Romine Powell's poetry.

Alex Barnette said...

Djordje Rocks!

I can't wait to try it out, I've heard some good things :) These guys are good people they deserve to have their cake!


nuterocks said...

this is a great addition to the neighborhood......
check it out