Monday, July 30, 2007

Menage sold - surprise, surprise

Menage’s tumultuous ride as a premiere nightclub has ended. James Funderburk, who co-founded Tonic lounge, issued a press release today saying he and several partners have purchased Menage and Belle’s BBQ from Stefan Latorre. (Latorre has not responded to an e-mail request confirming the sale.)

Funderburk and his partners, who include Tonic’s Andre Araiz, won’t release any details about what they plan to do with the space. Their goal is to quench partiers' thirst for Tonic, a cool lounge at Fourth Street and Independence Boulevard that closed in 2005 because of construction near Central Piedmont Community College.

In an e-mail, Funderburk said “We envision a place that will become part of the fabric of Charlotte uptown culture, not just for nightlife, but for all times. A place to eat, a place to relax, a place to party, a place for people who love people.”

Although Funderburk and Araiz want to appeal to fans of Tonic, Funderburk said he won’t try to re-create Tonic.
“It existed in a certain time and place that could never be re-created. What we strive for now is a new dream that we know our friends and supporters will love.”

Thank goodness. Every new lounge owner says he wants to re-create Tonic’s vibe, but none have. What would you like to see Funderburk and his partners do with Menage? Post your replies below.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think Tonic was all that great. They should just try to create something fresh, rather than rehash a joint that's gone.

Anonymous said...

Tonic was great for me. I thought of it as a place for everyone, where I would most likely meet someone different from me sitting around the fire pits. I am ready to see what they will bring to Charlotte. I think they will try to do something else good.

Anonymous said...

Tonic was my first experience in Charlotte nightlife when I moved here from Las Vegas. Let me tell you, besides Buckheads, it was THE place to be. Like anonymous # 2 said...the fire pits were a sure way to mingle with people you wouldn't normally meet in a packed club. You got to know all sorts of people out there.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of Buckhead Saloon...but what is this "Buckheads" place you speak of?