Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sorry nerds, I mean geeks

In my video report this week about ConCarolinas, I referred to attendees of the sci-fi and gaming convention as nerds. I was wrong.

They are geeks.

My mistake has sparked a discussion in the ConCarolinas online forum about the difference between nerds and geeks. Apparently, the guys in the Alltel commercial are nerds, but the folks who attend ConCarolinas are geeks.

Silly me.

My punishment is that I will not get to be a dungeon master (darn), and I will have to eat Klingon food (yuck).


Terri D. said...

You know, there really is an intrinsic difference. I think that nerd is a more derogatory term than geek. A geek programs your computer, fixes your cell phone, and blogs about their favorite show. A nerd is the other guy. I gladly embrace both titles, in addition to others. It's a geek thing, you wouldn't understand. :)