Monday, June 11, 2007

DJ Jazzy Jeff coming to Amos'

As long as I've known promoter Mike Kitchen, he's always raved about DJ Jazzy Jeff. I've always thought of Jazzy Jeff as the sidekick to rapper the Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith). I tried to see Jazzy Jeff spin at a boat party in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in March. But the organizers were full of crap, and me and hundreds of other partiers never made it onto the boat after standing in line for more than an hour. (Can you tell I'm still bitter?)

Anyway, I'll finally get to see Jazzy Jeff spin when he comes to Amos' Southend on July 21. Kitch has been trying to bring him here for two years, and he's giddy with excitement over the show. Like I said, I only know Jazzy Jeff through the Fresh Prince, but apparently he's one of the hottest DJs in the country. He's known for his mixing skills and deep stacks of classic and underground hip-hop. This is his first Carolina appearance. Raleigh's DJ BroRabb, who I love, will open.

Tickets will be available at or (Don't forget: Go-go's godfather Chuck Brown performs at Amos' on Saturday. Wind me up, Chuck!)

I'm curious to see if Jazzy Jeff lives up to Kitch's hype. I'm even more curious to see if Charlotte hip-hop heads will support the show and have fun. We don't get a lot of DJ shows at Amos'. Big-name DJs tend to go to dance clubs like the Forum, Eden or Velocity. I want to know: Will hip-hop fans head to Amos' for a night of dancing to some of the hottest beats? Will they go and simply nod their head, looking cool? Or will they go elsewhere? Am I the only person who didn't realize that Jazzy Jeff was such a popular DJ?

Post your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

Dont feel bad Tonya. I'm a huge Jazzy Jeff fan NOW but prior to that, I wasn't aware that he was producing anything. I'm curious to see how he's gonna bring it for the show since his cds always feature various artists. I will definitely check out this appearance and bring friends.

D-Fitty said...

The "who cares?" gig of the summer. Why don't you spend more time discovering new and vibrant artists, and less time propping up worn-out, washed-up cliches from the 1990s (Rob Base, DJ Jazzy Jeff, etc)Their "DJ sets" are just a quick way to make easy cash and a ripoff for anyone expecting a real show. All they do is spin worn-out hits like what you hear at BAR Charlotte - yelping in the mic "PUT YO HAND IN THA AIIII-AAAH!" "I SAY UMMMPH, YOU SAY AHHHHHHH!" You're just wasting our time, you know zilch about hiphop.

Anonymous said...

You know how I know all of you are brainwashed? Jazzy Jeff has been dropping mix CDs for a while now with talent. It's not just "normal" mix CDs where the artist babbles for 20 minutes on the mixtape, and then they throw the latest beats out while people spit questionable freestyles. The dude cares about his music, and has been big uppin' artists from Philly for a while now. There's a reason why he's hot. Give him a listen on his CD's "The Magnificent, The Return of the Magnificent, and Hip Hop Forever Volumes 1 - 3" before you label him just another "has been of 80's."

Anonymous said...

Agree w/ the last guy...Jazz basically invented the transformer scratch...also kick-started the career of Jill Scott. I'm assuming you're talking about Funkmaster Flex in the last post...his mix albums are basically filled w/ plugs and lame freestyles from the guys who want to be played on Hot 97 in NY.

Tonya Jameson said...

From Kitch (who's Cricket phone won't allow him to post):

Before you speak, please do your homework. Jazzy Jeff has never left the scene as someone mentioned on this blog before. He kicked off Jill Scott among many others in the Soul Music scene aka Neo-Soul (RIP). Yes he invented the tranform scratch and even had his hand in designing mixers that would allow you to scratch and so forth. My objective for bringing this brother is simple, we need good entertainment in Charlotte. People from Charlotte travel great distances to see people like Jazzy Jeff. How do I know, because I was there. He has put out several mixtapes (real mixtapes), 2 albums and he has even put out a house cd. Dude is in demand all over the world.
I like real hip hop and after bringing Nas & Rakim, there is a need for this. I hope to see you there and enjoy the show.

fulcrumsf said...

Jazzy Jeff is the truth. I've already seen him live once, and I definitely plan on seeing him at the Amos show. Like the others have said do your research before you knock on things you absolutely know nothing about. JJ has remained very relevant in this business for years prior to the Fresh Price era. Just Google "A Touch of Jazz" and check the discography.

Anonymous said...

DJ Jazzy Jeff has produced sooo many classics, for so many years, who's crates are deeper? Should be an excellent show!