Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everyone came to Alley Cat's pre-party

If every night at Alley Cat could be like Wednesday night was, uptown’s newest club would be my favorite spot in the city.

At the club’s VIP party, the crowd from Dish and the Penguin mixed with the young professionals and frat-types that usually hang uptown. Oh, and I can’t forget the artsy folks. On the patio, men and women with pink hair and/or piercings and/or tattoos (and I mean full sleeves, not teeny-weeny tats) mingled with people wearing golf shirts, khakis and hair gel. Of course, there was also the who's who of uptown nightlife: Tommy from Tyber Creek, Jody from Breakfast Club, Adam from Loft, Noah from N.C. Music Factory, Big Ryan and Danny from Grand Central.

It was so awesome.

The Penguin Restaurant, which will serve food until 1 a.m. in Alley Cat's restaurant, was largely responsible for such a varied crowd. So many Penguin supporters came out that it felt as if someone had picked up Thomas Avenue and put it uptown. It felt great, and I hope the mix continues.

When I first heard about the Penguin teaming with Alley Cat, I figured it would be a great move for the restaurant to reach a new audience. After last night, I realize there is an even greater opportunity to change the face of College Street.

Here's my question: Do you think Alley Cat will continue drawing a wide array of patrons, or will it simply become another Cans and Buckhead Saloon? Post your replies below.