Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another bus trip to see "The Color Purple"

Remember my bus trip to see "The Color Purple" on Broadway a few weeks ago? Since then, several people have asked about other bus trips to the see the musical. Well, Aboard w/Us Travel, which sponsored the last trip, is ready to do another one -- to see Fantasia play Celie in the musical.

The trip is Aug. 3-6, and costs $350.

As you may recall, mine was an eventful trip that left some people angry. (I wasn't one of them. You can read my blog to see why.) The organizers say they've learned from their mistakes. This time, they are hiring a different bus company, and will ensure that the drivers aren't clueless and are willing to take advice. Also, they plan to have the registration on the buses this time and won't be doing any pre-paid meals, which should cut down on the lengthy registration period prior to departure. I still think they should start registration earlier to avoid delays.

For more information about the trip, e-mail or

I’ll be camping on the north rim of the Grand Canyon that weekend, so I won't be making that NYC trek again. But if you're going, let me know how the trip went, and how you liked Fantasia. And please read my previous "Color Purple" bus trip blog entries, in which I offer helpful tips on how to plan ahead and have fun.

If you're wondering how Fantasia is doing in the play, I recently received this e-mail from an enthusiastic reader in Greenville, S.C.:

"I agreed with your hesitation and your final thoughts. I just returned from New York and I went specifically to see 'The Color Purple' on Broadway with Fantasia. I had previously seen it with LaChanze, but this time with Fantasia it was UNBELIEVABLE!!! She did an incredible job. Her own pain and personal story gave her the ammunition she needed to become Celie. She transitioned beautifully into "Miss Celie" and of course her singing lifted everyone there. The supporting cast was even better this time and they all seemed to gel better with Fantasia. It was so awesome; I saw it Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon! Tell everyone you know to hurry and see it with Fantasia. You forget who she is and embrace the story so much more."


MIchelle said...


I used to just glide over your columns/articles because I'm just well let's call me a "butt hole" at times. I figured if I don't get a vibe from your picture, then I'm not interested. I must admit I was wrong, I didn't give you a chance and to date I am rehabilitated! I go to the newspaper now mainly to READ YOUR Articles.

You are so articulate and so real! It's easily absorbed that when you speak on a issue, you are speaking from the heart, you speak the truth and you say what a lot of us want to say but either are afraid or don't have the voice box.

If you like something, you tell why you liked it and if you don't like something, you break that down also. In other words, girl, you are so real and I am so glad that the Charlotte Observer has someone like you who can speak to the "common folk" and we understand.

Man, I can hardly wait to "read your mind in print" daily. Keep up the good work and PLEASE stay as real as you are now (Even when you blow up big time and get a show like Wendy Williams). Always remember us on the bottom and make us feel like we're on the top, because that's exactly what you do now!

Take Care!

Michelle E.

Sandra said...

Id love to read your about your bus trip...
But I dont really know where to look. This is my first time at your blog, and I dont know when you went to NYC, so Im not sure what time frame to search in the archives. Perhaps consider linking to previous posts when you mention them? :)