Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Soul Train line outside of Blue

She looked so sexy sashaying through the Soul Train line on the sidewalk in front of Blue Restaurant about 3:45 p.m. on Saturday.

The men and women forming the line cheered as she walked past. She had her lips pursed in that “I know, I’m sexy,” way. Then she slipped and fell.

She sat sprawled on the concrete. The cheers from the men and women standing on the sidewalk and the ones sitting inside Blue’s open air patio area quickly turned into gut-busting laughter.

A guy rushed helped her up. Reginald Hester, Soul Train line instigator, snatched some fresh cut flowers out of a vase on one of the restaurant’s patio tables. He tried to hand them to her. She turned him down, and then walked the line again. Everyone cheered her on.

The Soul Train line was the best part of the Digital Diva’s Uptown Saturdays party at Blue Restaurant. It’s probably a scene the Digital Divas don’t even know about. Nearly as many were outside of Blue on the sidewalk as were inside the bar and restaurant. The speakers were propped in the patio’s windows. People passing by could hear the music. Frank Leggett and Hester created a Soul Train line and dance party with their friends and anyone else who gathered on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

I’m guessing the sidewalk gathering wasn’t what the Digital Divas organizers planned. Judging from the look on Blue owner Alex Myrick’s face, I don’t think he was too happy, but before the restaurant closed the patio windows and posted a no re-entry sign on the front door, the sidewalk was the place to be.

It wasn’t as crowded as the bar area, and people actually danced out there. Inside Blue there wasn’t enough room to dance plus the crowd seemed too cute to dance.

On the sidewalk, it was anything goes.
Hester hustled anyone through the line including a guy wearing a fur-ish coat and shorts. (Yes, he looked as crazy as it sounds.) An aspiring Lil’ Jon. A white willing to shake her thing with the ’bruhs. And an older white lady who almost made it through the line until one of the guys took her shoe off to reveal her purple furry socks.


Alex D. said...

Reginald Hester and his crew really helped kick off this unbelievable soul train line that took place outside in from of The Blues. From young to old, to black or white, there had to be at least 200 individuals who participated in what I call the official 2007 CIAA soul train line.