Saturday, March 03, 2007

Party round up - Where did you go?

After EPMD performed, I swung by the Digital Divas’ Stogies & Stilettos at the Sunset Club about 1:30 a.m. It was crowded, but not overwhelming. Men and women danced, pockets of women danced and others stood and watched.

The parties I missed:

Chris Jenkins of Charlotte Vibe went to 1st Fridays at Southend Brewery. He said it was a nice size crowd, but not as packed as it has been in the past.

A Gem Am I’s Rhonda Mayo went to Dynasty 5’s Raheem DeVaughn show at the Charlotte Hilton uptown. She said the crowd started light, but by the time he performed at 12:30 a.m. it was packed. As usual, he put on a good show. She also stopped by the Big Chill for the Biz Markie party sponsored by Executive Entertainment. She didn’t arrive until about 1:45 a.m. and the party was winding down, but there were still a lot of people there.

Paid to Party’s Lady Love spent Friday night at Wine Up for the In the Lyfe party. It drew a smaller crowd than usual. Two poets and a singer performed.

Paid to Party’s Searchin’ was all VIP up in the invitation-only Wachovia party at The Westin. She said the party drew young and old folks. Men wore suits and women wore dresses. Anthony Hamilton was there and mingled with the crowd.

What party did you attend? And how was it? Post your replies below.


Anonymous said...

I thought about going to the EPMD show at Amos', but then I got over there to Southend and decided I'd rather see an act perform that actually plays their instruments rather than talking loudly over someone else's recorded music. The band that was playing at the Gin Mill that night was rocking, and people were packed in there all night to where one could hardly move. It was pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Friday night I was at Menage...and it was hot, just like you predicted. I'm not a hardcore hip-hop fan (at least not today's hip-hop), but the overall atmosphere kept me there for about five hours. It was the place to see and be seen. Caught a glimpse of Big Tigger. I'd never been to Menage, but I think I will go back again. I spent Saturday night at Jillian's. T-Pain was supposed to be there, but he wasn't there by the time I rolled out at 2 am. Didn't matter...there was a packed dance floor and the drinks were flowing. It was a good way to end my weekend of partying.

Anonymous said...

Saturday night me and my girls went to Allure for there 2am to 6am party and man did we have a good time. I see why they call Flemingo the East Coast Bad Boy.

Anonymous said...

Sat night, I was at Founder's Hall... In fact, I was at Founder's Hall on Friday and Saturday night. I took lots of pics too and put them on for everybody to check out! The A Gem Am I day was was by far the most fun though!

Anonymous said...

The late night breakfast and party at the Omegas Frat House was like none other. Both nights were hoppin' and the DJ was doing things right! I can't wait until next year!