Sunday, March 04, 2007

The party's over until next year

I wrapped up the CIAA with my girl and Kitch at the Digital Divas Panache brunch at Blue restaurant this morning. After four days of partying and stopping long enough to do stuff for the paper and shower, it felt good to arrive somewhere and not feel rushed to go another event.

For more than an hour the three of us chilled and munched on omelets, waffles, shrimp, roast beef and more. A smooth jazz band played in the bar area. We sipped Bloody Marys and margaritas and recapped the weekend. We finished our brunch with a Royal Flush shot and toasted surviving another CIAA.

This year was better than last year. The day parties were hype and there were more parties in the heart of uptown. Several people, I interviewed said this year’s was better than last year’s as well. The one major complaint that I heard was that some hotels weren’t welcoming to people who weren’t guests at their hotels and that promoters were charging way too much money for their parties.

What do you think? Did you attend the CIAA tournament here last year? If so, how did 2007 compare? Was this your first time at the tournament? If so, how did Charlotte do?

Post your replies below.


Anonymous said...

Can't comment on the hotel situation but the parties were certainly overpriced. I attended the Black Hollywood party at the Atrium and was truly disappointed. It didn't feel like much of a party since it was held in the foyer of the building and aside from a little go-go, the DJ was never on point...a party without good music is not a party. I was all set to dance and mingle, but the age group seemed to be 35+, not really my crowd since I'm 26. In essence, I spent $40 to hang out with my girls...the highlight of the night was breakfast afterwards...

Anonymous said...

It was obvious that the crowd grew like a zillion times for every event. I'm glad to see the CIAA in Charlotte, but in comparsion to Raliegh..Charlotte is almost too big! When you have 60 parties to choose from vs 10 its really tough to know which one will be the jump off! A-List was dead wrong for being as greedy as they were..even though I made it in..but people remember stuff like that! Would've loved to see more ads about the 2-6am parties and eating places to go to after 2am. The waffle house and cook out can only stand but soo much. Also what did white folks or non CIAA folks think about the CIAA? Oh yeah and what was up w/ the alleged shooting of the girl on the party bus by CIAA revelers. I mean did the person have a CIAA ticket in hand? Come on lets get real!Overall good year..hoping the MEAC will get to the CIAA level ASAP! Aggie Pride til I die

Anonymous said...

CIAA was great. 4 friends came in from out of town. DC, STLOUIS, VA and Cincinnati. We had a great time!! We hit the day parties at Tempo Fri and SAT. The bomb!! We are 44 and 45 years old (we don't look it) smile!! and have been friends for over 25 years so it was alsoos CELEBRATION OF our friendship. Thurs nite we hung at my place ate good food and drinks, Fri nite Coachs Party at the Convention Center and Sat we rented a limo for our last night together. We ended up at this wonderful mansion party, exit 27 off 85 in Belmont. Everything was free. Whoever gave this party did it up well.

John Adams said...

The clubs were false advertising.
For example: Menage was advertising Friday men paid $10 and ladies free before 9:30 with a flyer. We got there about 8:15. They had not open the door and had a long line. They did not open until 9:30 and the admission started at $20 and by 11:30 the price had jumped to $100 aperson and $200 vip. They were ripping people off.
Then Saturday nite we went to Jillian's. The same thing happened. Ladies free men $20 before 10:00 They did start letting people in until 10:00. Price started at $20. They would let about 10 people, then stop the line. When they stared the line again the price was $30. Then they stopped it again but when it started back up. The price had jumped to $40.
Check this out. They were letting the so called "Big Ballers" jump lineand get in before everyone else
I just wanting to have a good time.
They need to have set prices for events and quit trying to rob the everyday working man.
When the ACC tournament was in town.It did not operate like that. They had sett prices all around town. I hope things wiil be better next year as far as prices go.

Kathy Potter said...

I'm with John. I think the price gouging was ridiculous. The group "A list" was DEAD WRONG for charging $40.00 for their party when the list clearly stated the price was $25.00. I actually had the printed list with me and showed the lady (think her name owas Nicki) at the table the party was advertised at $25.00. She lied in my face and said that was Monday's party. I looked at her and called her a "liar" in her face. I told her I lived in Charlotte who did she think she was fooling. Than I went to the party at the Hilton (Chuck Brown) $40.00. I got in but heard a lot of complaints. Some people had paid for their tickets in advance and they still would not let them in. They were waiving their internet tickets in the air while standing in line and security was turning them down. I met another women there (new friend) she paid $60.00 over the internet to not stand in line and be admitted to the VIP section. They made her stand in line. There were several parties I went to that was advertised "Free" however the party givers charged at the door. I'm wondering if there is anything we can do about this because it's wrong. If I was a promotor I wouldn't advertise the prices.
The day party at Blue...OFF THE CHAIN. I was one of the lucky ones that got in and man it was nice. Tempo's Friday was OFF THE CHAIN...enjoyed myself. Why can't all my Friday's be like that when I get off work???HMMM.
I'm going research the law on price gouging, next year IT'S OWN!

Anonymous said...

CIAA was much better that last year and much better in charlotte than Raleighwood. The day parties was the best part. However, traffic was terrible, even during the late night ours. As for Hotels, the Westin welcome CIAA party goer and guests with open arms. The lobby of the Westin was packed until 5am in the morning both friday and saturday. only thing needed was a DJ, and people could have partied until 6 in mornin.