Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween II

The minute Ricky Bobby, wearing a Dickies style jump suit, started singing "Hound Dog" at Cans restaurant and bar on Halloween night, I knew Elvis would come. As if summoned by an ancient ritual, Elvis, wearing a white outfit, dark glasses and a red scarf, sprinted to the stage. He looked at Ricky Bobby as if he were confused. What was a racecar driver doing singing his song -- his song? Elvis tried to take the mike from Bobby.

Bobby, who towered over Elvis, bent down good-naturedly and shared the mike with Elvis. The racecar driver and singer were two of the dozens of different costumes parading around Cans on Tuesday for a special of edition of Live (I mean Dead) Band Karaoke.

The main floor was crowded but not overwhelming and most people wore costume. Neel Jadeja of Sunny Ledford dressed as guitarist Dave Navarro and Whiskey (former 710 owner) wore boxers, wifebeater and a suit jacket. I, looking innocent in my Girl Scouts outfit, saw several female police officers who could arrest me any day. I also saw Superman, Spiderman, catwoman, and two guys dressed in '70s gear who I thought were supposed to be Flava Flav.

After hanging at Cans for an hour or so, me, L-Boogie and Kitch headed to the Men's Club for Fetish Fest, a party coordinated by Joffe and Single Cell Productions. Downstairs was more like a dance party with live stage fetish performances. During the performance we saw, a dominatrix bound two guys and poured hot wax on herself. I'm not sure why she tied the guys up to pour wax on herself, but I'm obviously not schooled in the world of fetish.

I walked upstairs to visit The House of Intrigue. On my way up the steps, a guy stopped me and asked who was I supposed to be? I held out my arms incredulous. I wore a green jumper, a matching white shirt and I had pins on my dress. (By the way, I haven't worn a dress since I was in college. I really don't understand how or why women wear them. They don't have pockets and it's hard to ride my motorcycle wearing one.) Obviously, I was a Girl Scout.

“The Mohawk threw me off,” he said.

I shook my head. Like Girl Scouts can’t have Mohawks. Upstairs, were two shackle racks in which people stood with their arms locked above their heads. On the right near the entrance, a man wearing leather pants and no shirt lay strapped to a table. A woman whipped him. My favorite attraction in the House of Intrigue was this electric shock gadget. Joffe touched some kind of electric prong. Anyone else he touched got an unpleasant, but not overly painful shock. Once he shocked you, however, you could shock him by touching him. Neat.

So, party people, who had the best Halloween party and what costumes did you see over the last few days that stood out the most to you? Post your replies below.