Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Duke lacrosse players, scary people from "Lord of the Rings," the Alternative Champs dressed as flowers and playing "Ghostbusters" and those are only the few of the happenings at Halloween parties on Saturday. I spent most of the night at the Carnevil party and despite the outdoor-only location, I had a great time.

Organizers put up a huge tent with loungy furniture and a cage. That area served as the main dancefloor where electronic music blasted. Behind that was an area called Morture, where I watched a ballerina get spanked. Outside that tent, a woman twirled sticks of fire. Inside a smaller tent, a woman read tarot cards and people danced to house music inside giant teepee. Around the corner, live bands performed on stage (the loading area of the warehouse where Carnevil is located.)

The Halloween festivities end tonight. There's a party at Boardwalk Billy's in the University area, Phil and Tony's at the Arboretum and Buckhead Saloon. For a complete list of tonight's parties www.charlotte.com/entertainment.