Thursday, October 18, 2007

Will Comedy Zone bring better music?

The Comedy Zone, which closed its doors uptown earlier this year, is likely to re-open in NoDa.
That’s right - Observer business columnist Doug Smith reported last week that partners with the company will put a new Comedy Zone (among other things) in the 9,000-square-foot former dye house building at Highland Park Mill No. 3.

The plan calls for a 500-seat comedy club and a live-entertainment venue that will hold 1,000, said spokesman Craig Russing. The proposal also is slated to include a sports-bar-like eatery and a coffee shop catering to residents of the neighboring Highland Mill Apartments on North Davidson Street between Mallory and 33rd streets.

Although the Comedy Zone will retain its name, Russing said the partners are still working on a name for the complex itself, which probably won’t open until March.

The live-music venue will be direct competition for the Neighborhood Theatre, also in NoDa. The spot’s capacity, however, means it will also compete with Amos’ Southend, Tremont Music Hall, and whatever live-music club lands in the N.C. Music Factory.

I hope music fans will benefit. I hope we will start getting more of the acts that play at Cat’s Cradle in Chapel Hill or the Orange Peel in Asheville, but don’t play here. I hope it also means we’ll get a wider variety of music in general.


Anonymous said...

Wherever they go and whatever they name it, they need to make it NONSMOKING. That is THE reason I don't go to the Comedy Zone. The smoke at the now-closed uptown location and especially the Matthews location is/was HORRIBLE! As an asthmatic, I cannot stand to breathe smoke in any form. I wish smokers could be a little considerate but they really don't care, all they want is that nicotine fix!

Anonymous said...

Shut the he** up with your non-smoking non-sense! I am so tired of hearing your whining. Don't like it? Go somewhere else. If they make it non-smoking, and I choose to go there anyway, I can't complain. If they allow smoking and you choose to go there or not, you have a choice. Just shut up already!

Anonymous said...

There are already venues for acts that play the Orange Peel and Cat's Cradle. The reason many of those acts don't play here is because Charlotte's lame a$$ yuppies would rather hang out at Bar Charlotte or some other place where non-musicians play samples of someone else's work because they're too damn lame to actually pick up and play a real instrument. By the way, there is a wide variety of music here. You just choose to limit yourself.

Anonymous said...

NoDa?? This whole thing seems a little shady. Why in the hell is The Comedy Zone not in uptown? That makes no sense at all.

As for the rest of the "entertainment complex" these people are dreaming. It will be a collosal failure, just like NoDa is pretty much a total bust. With the Epicentre and NC Music Factory opening,plus all the other existing venues, there isn't any more of the pie to divide. Charlotte is simply not big enough to support it all.