Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cans losing a familiar face

One of Charlotte’s most popular club managers has a new home - pun intended.
Constantine Mouzakitis, the face of Cans, officially starts working at Hom on Friday.

He will be the director of operations at the building formerly known as Menage. He will work with Hom’s general manager Marc Lista, formerly of Jillian's.

The move gives Constantine a chance to be more creative, because he won’t have to focus on operating such a large venue. Plus, he plans to eventually team with Hom’s investment partners to open other establishments. Constantine said he likes that the partners in Hom also have investments in the fashion world and other projects.

Constantine’s presence will bring a different element to the crowded lineup of people fronting Hom. James Funderburk and the crew running Hom travel in similar glam circles, while Constantine worked with a raucous party crowd. That mix of personalities should bode well for Hom.

But losing Constantine will be a blow for Cans. He had been the consummate host since the place opened, and replacing him is going to be tough. Plus, he’s so darn cute.