Monday, September 17, 2007

Blues, Brews & BBQ hits its stride

Several hundred people stood in the parking lot across from Rock Bottom Brewery dancing to Delbert McClinton boogie woogie music on Saturday night. Rain kept many people away from the Blues, Brews & BBQ festival on Friday, but on Saturday the folks

showed up in full force.
At least 100,000 attended the two-day event, highlighted by a barbecue cook-off and performances by McClinton, Acoustic Syndicate and others. Despite the rain, Charlotte Center City Partners spokeswoman Moira Quinn said all of the acts performed on Friday.

The festival worked well in the new location on Tryon Street from Sixth to Ninth street. Along with professional and backyard grillers, the festival featured a couple of carnival rides and games, and plenty of carnival food, such as sausages and funnel cake.


Lane Meyer said...

At least 100,000 attended the two-day event

Impossible. Care to site your source on this tidbit of "info"? Do you just make this stuff up as you go along?

Tonya Jameson said...

According to an e-mail from Moira Quinn of Charlotte Center City Partners:
"Attendance was 40,000 at any given time during the day Saturday.

Over the two days, the COMBINED total attendance for the festival is 100,000.

Number adjusted by festival Executive Producer and police."

Joyce W. Kennerly said...

Since when is an "email from Moira Quinn" a legitimate source?
Sloppy hearsay is what it amounts to, but we've come to expect this from you.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed that the Charlotte Shout promoters finally tried to go GREEN this year.

TRIED being the key word. I saw countless empty to near empty recycle containers right next to over spilling onto the street trash bags.

Is it wrong for me to sterotype ? After wittnessing this, I don't think so.

This town is full of pathetic country bumpkins. Not all of you, but most. You know who you are and by the looks of the failed effort by the Shout peps I gather is was MOST of you.

When 2 options are given and they are placed right beside each other (recycle/trash) and you throw it in the trash. Well then, you are about as pathetic a piece of crap I have ever laid eyes on.

Hopefully the Shout culinary event will prove me wrong. It will be filled with a slightly higher caliber of attendees. Lets see if it was just a fluke due to the overwhelming amount of white trash at Blues, Brews and BBQ.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like having your source be a completely biased promoter. Hey, it's not like we expect this blog to be a source of journalism.