Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Van Halen sold out

Wooo-wheee. Concertgoers in Charlotte love themselves some rock music.

Tickets for the Sept. 27 Van Halen concert at Bobcats Arena, which went on sale Saturday morning, sold out in less than 48 hours. The only other artists to sell out arena concerts that fast were the Rolling Stones (who christened the arena) and U2.

I can understand the enthusiasm for the Stones and U2, but I’m truly scratching my head over Van Halen. Yeah, “Jump” was cool, but I can’t imagine that Eddie Van Halen can bring it on the guitar like he used to, or that David Lee Roth can still work the stage. Besides, will they even stay together long enough to tour?
But that’s just me.

Tell me what you think. If you have tickets to the show, what are you looking forward to the most? Post your replies below.


Anonymous said...

For many of us 30-to-40 somethings, Van Halen was THE rock band to watch growing up. They had somewhat-clean fun in their music and videos and had an energy that was addictive. It's a shame that Michael Anthony (bassist) is not joining them for the tour, but it is about enjoying their music and having 'remember when' moments.

I can't understand how a group that was inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame is questioned on why their reunion tour would sell out.

Rockers Against Tonya said...

The overwhelming popularity of Van Halen is an unquestionable fact, and Tonya Jameson is an idiot, and an embarssment to the city of Charlotte.

I can understand the enthusiasm for the Stones and U2

But not Van Halen?? Pffft. It might interest you to know Tonya, Van Halen has sold over 5 million more albums than U2. You call yourself a music writer?? That's pretty pitiful. I guess I can't expect much from a journalist who actually said (in print) the Sex Pistols played at the Milestone back in the day.

Maybe if she would do her JOB and actually do some RESEARCH, instead of just running her mouth - she might learn something and so would her readers.

Jameson is obviously not even close to being qualified to write about any kind of music that doesn't involve "her people", and is plainly uninterested unless some "rapper", ex-convict or other sort of minstrel/ fake-ass impresario is involved .

She doesn't understand why most people prefer real music played by real musicians instead of thugs grunting about expensive champagne and chrome-plated automobile accessories, over repetitive drum and bass beats and loops someone else wrote. If you must write about music - stick to your forte, you know worshipping "artists" like Lil' Jon and interviewing Tone Loc when he plays some lame parking lot party uptown, and all yo other "homies", i.e. people that NO ONE will remember in 5 years, much less 30.

Van Halen has been going strong for over 30 years and she can't understand why this tour would sell out. She's either completely out-of-touch or just plain stupid. Probably both.

Somebody should've shown this pitiful "affirmative action" excuse for a journalist the door long ago. Like many other readers, I certainly wish she'd take her leave from here - I'm sick and damn tired of seeing her poorly researched nonsense, her ugly mug, worthless laughable opinions, and all her sloppy untruths in print

Anonymous said...


Thomas said...

Dear Tonya,

I deplore the abusive rant from "rockers against . . ." Your criticism was thoughtful and skeptical - just what good journalism should be. As a square white dude who remembers when Van Halen was new, I appreciate your columns for their irreverent and entertaining tone and for the understanding they give of music and events outside my usual circle. Keep up the good work!

SB said...

To "Rockers Against": This is what I don't get about you people who come and rant on this woman's blog. If you think that her writing is not up to par, then MAYBE you just shouldn't read it.She is entitled to her opinions. If you don't like them, for the love of cheese- DON'T READ HER BLOG! It really isn't that difficult people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hold on for a minute. SHE'S the one that has the description of "Pop Culture Writer" next to her mug (BTW, what's that thing on the top of your head?). Can the CO not do any better? The criticisms are warranted and accurate.

JoJo Albergotti said...

Jameson's articles are chockful of inaccuracies, pointless asides, and unwarranted assinine commentary.

If it wasn't for the double standard of programs like Affirmative Action, the CO's deliberate "liberal at all costs" agenda, instead of writing about Van Halen (plain ridiculous), she'd be washing dishes somewhere or making ice cream sundaes for a living.

She's kept on board only because she's black and she's gay (and doesn't let ANYONE forget it, home slices!) Being a competent journalist isn't a qualification at the Observer obviously, I mean just look at the staff.

This ridiculous "blog" sinks standards even lower - "Join Tonya "Butch" Jameson & Her Lesbian Lover As They Scour Sioux City, Iowa In Search Of The Perfect Hot Wing Fo Shizzle!"

Anonymous said...

As an old time VanHalen fan... my first and formost question would be is why they would pick a city like Charlotte to the the opener for a reunion tour. I would have thought they would have opened in a much larger and better known venue and that Charlotte would be a stop between real gigs.

But either way I am not complaining since I managed to get tickets.

Anonymous said...

I am moving within walking distance of the concert that week (whoo hoo) and was able to score tix. I love me some VH but the real draw is that Charlotte is the opening night for this tour, which will undoubtedly implode. So, I figure the best shot is to see the first show.

Mike said...

Stick with "Pop" as your title says. Your expertise obvisiously doesn't venture into the world of Rock and Roll. That takes someone with an appreciation for originality...check out all of the pop music today, just covering and copying the original rock classics.

Anonymous said...

Another example of how racist she is. I say it again, if a WHITE talked this way about BLACKS they would be fired IMMEDIATELY! She is a BLACK RACIST DYKE so the Observer is terrified to fire her.

Anonymous said...

Jump was the best "selling" and most played song, but that does not even get close to the real music that Van Halen has produced. It seems perhaps that this was a surface/drive by type of article that was written based ont he fact that there had to be one.

Anonymous said...

is she joking?