Monday, July 23, 2007

A gay bar for all types

We started our Central Avenue partying at The District. We found it because we were walking around and heard club music blaring from the outside patio.

It was great. We saw women dressed in all kinds of funky styles, from Earthy tree-huggers to punk to hip-hop to stale-enough-to-be-yo-momma. The range of ages, styles and looks made the District feel more like an alternative club rather than the gay club that it is.

Outside on the patio, a DJ spun club music, and there were two bars, seating and a dance floor. Inside, a DJ spun hip-hop. Three makeup artists painted partiers' bodies and faces for tips. One young woman had a bustier painted on her torso, with matching stockings painted on her legs.

My girl got a wolf and some other kind of design on her chest. It lasted for 10 minutes before she sweated it off on the dance floor. It was real cute for those 10 minutes. Speaking of dancing, you know it wouldn’t be a night of clubbing if an older white lady didn’t try to steal my girl on the dance floor. This one latched onto my girl’s thumb -- and tried to latch onto other things -- and wouldn’t let go.