Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You don't have to drink and drive

Hey partiers, now you have no excuse for drinking and driving.

Starting June 15, Red Fish Entertainment and Kount Down Entertainment will host the Charlotte Party Bus. Buses will club-hop to the hottest parties, then return you to your pickup point at the end of the night. The crawl costs $35 in advance, and $40 at the bus. Drinks on the bus are free. For an additional fee, you can use Two Guys and Ride, which is a company that drives you and your car home.

Pickup locations are the Wal-Marts on Mount Holly-Huntersville Road and in University, as well as Southend Brewery and Eastland Mall’s parking lots. The June 15 crawl itinerary hasn’t been finalized, but when it has, I will post it on the Paid to Party blog.

Seriously folks: Drinking and driving is no joke, and this is a great concept. I definitely plan to try it out. I hope you do as well.


Anonymous said...

None of these drop-off points are even remotely close to me, plus it still doesn't do any good to drop drunk people off at the drop-off points when they still have to drive home from there. That's why I have a bar at home where nobody can tell me how much I can drink.

Anonymous said...

They have taxi's there to take people home, and as Tonya has already stated a company is there to drive you and your car home.
The drop off points can't be close to everyone, get a grip, but the opportunity is still there.

Great idea Kount Down Entertainment

There will always be some jerk with something negative to say. I'll be there, and I hope those people stay home!!