Thursday, May 03, 2007

We want Jordan, we want Jordan

Bring back Tiger and Jordan. Bring back Peyton Manning. Quail Hollow Club was way too sedate as the Wachovia Championship tournament started on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, Jordan joked with fans. Tiger tossed balls around on the green and Peyton was chilling, too. Today, the golfers were all about the game. Understandably, there was no banter with fans. The field marshals were real serious about that "Quiet Please" stuff, and fans doled out polite applause and obeyed the rules.

It's tourney time, and big money is on the line.


Anonymous said...

Way too sedate? Gee, sorry that the tournament doesn't have hip-hop and electronic house music blaring at each tee box and throughout the course. Maybe the PGA can add that to next year's wish list.

Golf is a game deeply rooted in obviously know nothing about it. Please let the sports writers cover sports and stick to covering "Purgatory Night".

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why you don't see more balck people at golf events? They think like YOU!