Monday, May 07, 2007

Ray Lewis and other celebs at Loft

Loft 1523 is becoming the place to rub elbows with celebrities.
In the last month, they’ve had cast members from the movie “Leatherheads,” and Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis.
On April 21, nearly all of the cast members from “Leatherheads,” except George Clooney and Rene Zellweger, hung out at Loft in Elizabeth.

Then, last Thursday, about 50-75 people (mostly women) attended Ray Lewis’ private party at Loft 1523. According to people who attended the party, Lewis was relatively approachable, especially for women.
Lewis threw the party to promote his new barbershop Kutt 52, which is in Eastridge Mall in Gastonia. Yeah, I’m also wondering why Lewis would open a barbershop in Gastonia.

Lewis' personal trainer used to live in Charlotte so Lewis knows people here. Along with the barbershop, he also owns a trucking company here. He plans to open other shops. I hope they’re not all in Gastonia. If he’s going to attach his name to a project, it would make sense to find a location in an area that has good buzz. I’m not hearing a lot of buzz out of Eastridge.


Bob said...

Well, why your opinion of Gastonia may not be high, it is a growing area and a great place to be. The mall here certainly is a bit dated, but each time I pass Kutt 52 it seems to be packed. I am sure Mr. Lewis would appreciate your marketing input on all of his future business ventures. On second thought, he seems to being just fine without you.
Bob Reardon, Gastonia Nc

Anonymous said...

Way to promote a murderer!! Of course, no problme as long as he is BLACK!