Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Road trip to New York

A bus trip to New York.

You knew there would be drama.

And there was plenty this past weekend, when a handful of friends and I joined a group of 250 people who took four buses from Charlotte to New York to see “The Color Purple” on Broadway.

Before I get into the drama, I will say that I had a great time. I paid $350 for the trip, which included the bus ride, excellent seats for the play, and rooms at a Sheraton hotel.

In New York, I shopped, enjoyed the play, and went clubbing at Cielo in the Meatpacking District.

The lessons I learned:
1) Plan your own itinerary before the trip.
2) Bring your laptop.
3) Know the address of where your planning to go, and don't be afraid to ask New Yorkers for help.
4) Don't rely on a chartered bus to get you anywhere on time in New York.
5) Bring cash for cabs, trains and the subway.
6) Wear comfortable shoes.
7) Do not eat a Greek omelet at 3 a.m. knowing you have to catch a bus back to Charlotte in six hours. Really bad idea.


Rusty Jensen said...

What exactly does any of this have to do with "The party scene in Charlotte"?

Pointless, vague, and criminally self-absorbed tales about mannish black lesbians all with ridiculosuly cliched nicknames (ironically snacking on tube-shaped meat snacks ) taking a bus trip to see some crappy, hokey-ass Oprah Winfrey-blessed musical (it's not "a play", Tonya) is not exactly covering Charlotte nightlife.

Jameson's bit about Fantasia Barrino's life mimicking that of Celie's is so ill-informed and and just plain stupid, I can't even address it.

Any group dumb enough to take a bus roundtrip from NYC to Charlotte deserves to be miserable. A plane ticket is worth every penny homegurl!

Anonymous said...

Get used to god awful articles by this one. The College drop-out shows its roots of intellect.

Anonymous said...

I was on the bus ride to NY also because of the great deal: a plane ticket, Broadway ticket and two night hotel stay at the Hilton would have been well over $550. So we weren't "dumb" Rusty, maybe we were just smart and realizing a good deal when we saw one. The trip was origianally posted for CMS employees (who don't make a lot) but widened to include church groups and anyone who was interested. The musical WAS magnificent and that made the entire trip worth while; despite the 20 hour bus ride (I was on bus 4, the group that had to wait 2 hours for maintenaince and then drove around Jersey lost for about an hour and 45 minutes before driving the hour to NY to shop at closed vendors and eat for an hour). The bread pudding at B. Smith's and thoroughly enjoyable musical made the entire trip worth it and worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

nappy headed ho...

Anonymous said...

nappy headed hoe