Friday, April 27, 2007

John Paul Jones and Uncle Earl

It must have been too early for MerleFest fans to be hype on Friday afternoon. At the main Watson stage, a sedate crowd watched the female band Uncle Earl perform their old-time music.
The group’s joke about Jim Lauderdale doing hot yoga in his hotel room fell flat and a fiddle tune only inspired a little girl to get up and dance near the front of the stage.

The group got its biggest response when John Paul Jones, who played keyboard for Led Zepplin fame, joined Uncle Earl, whom he produced, for the last song. They played a fast-paced ditty that got the crowd excited.


JAT said...

Tonya --

John Paul Jones mostly played bass for Zep, and a mean one at that. Before that he was a much in demand session man; his his clean, snapping playing of big bass lines with a pick became the standard sound for what a rock bass should sound like.

His solo album, Zooma, is simply a bass fest. Great stuff.

Love to hear how Elvis Costello went over at Merle.

Anonymous said...


Tonya Jameson said...

My bad John Paul Jones fans!

I'm not familiar with his music so I did a Google search and found his info on Wikipedia. The site said he played keyboards and bass. All my most trusted site doesn't list what instrument he played for Led Zeppelin.

Now, I know he was more famous for the bass. Thx. for reading and hitting me up.

eekamoulie said...

Tonya also said the Sex Pistols played at the Milestone club too (NEVER HAPPENED) If the music doesn't involved some gold-toofed gruntin' thug she knows zilch about it. Pop culture writer my azz.