Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A beer crawl emergency

"We have an emergency," said a woman as she stood up.

Everyone looked at her. My mind flashed back to a dark Virginia road and a bus trip to New York. My heart pounded. Then I realized I was sitting in a chair at Dilworth Neighborhood Bar and Grille, not on a bus.

The woman pulled back chairs as her friend crawled on the floor. Another flashback: missing turkey pepperoni. The young woman on the floor lost her Carmex, and she was freaking out.

Dilworth was the fourth stop on the Charlotte Beer Week beer crawl on Monday. Judging from the way the young woman frantically searched for her Carmex, the effects were kicking in. A manager came over with a giant flashlight and located the missing lip balm under my table. Disaster averted.

Monday’s beer crawl started slowly. Seventeen people participated.
On the ride to the first stop at the Flying Saucer, most people paired off with their friends. By the time we finished at Mac’s Speed Shop later that night, many folks had exchanged business cards and a couple of people took turns dancing on the bus.

My favorite beer of the night was the Duck Rabbit at Brixx. Other crawler favorites were an Imperial Stout at Mellow Mushroom, and an I.P.A. on the bus ride.

Tonight’s Charlotte Beer Week event is the Gravity Head Mini Fest at Mellow Mushroom. Tomorrow, it’s the Becoming the Beer Girl competition at Dilworth Neighborhood Bar and Grille.