Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alley Cat opens uptown Friday

The wait is over.

Alley Cat, the newest venture by the crew who owns the Forum and Cosmos, opens Friday.

Alley Cat occupies the former home of the Hut and Have A Nice Day Cafe on College Street, between Sixth and Seventh streets.
The newest features are an outdoor patio on College Street that will feature small bands, and there’s a kitchen that will be operated by The Penguin restaurant.

Although live music will be a big attraction for the bar, co-owner Andy Kastanas wants the club to be a destination, which is why the kitchen is an important feature. People can go there and hang out even if there isn’t a band performing.

Kastanas said Alley Cat isn’t trying to compete with other uptown music venues, and won’t be going after big-time acts. Instead, it will feature a lot of local bands and cover bands.

Alley Cat will be open Wednesday through Saturday. The nightly themes are: country night on Wednesdays, college night on Thursdays, original music on Fridays and a house band on Saturdays.
At tonight's grand opening, there will be acoustic acts on the patio and a band on the main stage.