Friday, March 30, 2007

Tilt's grand opening

If you ever went to Liquid Lounge, you probably won’t recognize the place the first time you walk into Tilt. The change isn’t as dramatic as the Mythos to Forum renovation, but it's a huge improvement.

On Thursday, I joined a couple hundred people at the grand-opening party, and the place looks great. Tilt's owners are Dixie’s Tavern’s Lucas Johns, Anthony Karey and Chris Peavey, and Adam Parker of Time lounge, and the time and money they put into the renovation shows.

Tilt has hardwood floors throughout the main room. The curtained area to the left of the main entrance is gone, and so is the VIP area that took up half of the dance floor. The colors are warm chocolate-browns, and large art installations and mirrors hang on the walls. The patio now has better canvas over the roof.

Tilt feels roomier than Liquid. There are bistro tables throughout the martini lounge, and several flat-screen TVs. The renovations surprised me, but the music on Thursday night was an even bigger surprise: I expected the typical hip-hop, but the DJ spun “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Shout” and rock music. It was refreshingly odd music mix.