Thursday, March 01, 2007

Menage will be crazy

Judging from the crowd at Menage on Wednesday night, the club is going to be crazy this weekend. We arrived about 1 a.m. and upstairs was packed. Downstairs wasn’t open. A few women danced on the stage area. A group of people was all the way upstairs partying on the balcony thingy that overlooks the dance floor.
In a phone conversation earlier Wednesday, I told promoter Frank Ratchford, who hosted the party with Adolph Shiver, that Menage would do well on Wednesday.
My theory was that the young hardcore rap crowd that wants to get sweaty, grimy and dance to songs that make you jump around has no place to go on Wednesdays in Charlotte.
The reason I say Menage will be crazy all weekend is that Wednesday’s party was crowded and the only celebrities promoted were Panther’s Thomas Davis and the Jaguars Deon Grant. We have NFL celebrity parties here nearly every week so that doesn’t impress me. But can you imagine how the club is going to be this weekend with Mims tonight, Tigger on Friday and Fat Joe on Saturday – whoa!
Where did you party last night? Where are you going tonight? Post your replies below. Email your party photos:


Asila said...

Yep, you're right, Menage is gonna be crazy!! I'm going out there fri. & sat. Yeah I know 2 nights in a row but it's because that's a guaranteed hot spot. Everyone that I know is planning on going there also. Another hot spot is gonna be Onyx. That's gonna be the place to go once you leave the club. I've never been before but this wknd will be my 1st time going & everyone says that it will crazy out there also. I will be wherever the hotness is, soaking it all in.

Anonymous said...

Hello, me and my friends went to the menage on friday night for the Big Tigger show. It was AWFUL. First of all they said on flyers that the doors were opening at 9pm but they didnt let no one in until 9:30 9:45 pm to pay $10 cover charge when on their flyer it said FREE before 9:30. Then it was so packed it was a fire hazard and Big Tigger wasnt even there. We left around 12:45 am and he still wasnt there. Menage is a nice club but they were not organized and/or prepared for the crowd: (

Anonymous said...

I agree it was terrible. We also left around the same time. Those same promoters through a party at Wachovia and it was even worse!

asila said...

Big Tigger was there at Menage. He was the voice that you heard over the mic @ one point by the dj. I guess that you probaly didn't see him because he was in v.i.p. after that. Me and my friend had a ball out there & to be honest if you weren't in v.i.p. you wouldn't of had fun because it was too crowded in the other parts. & the guys were very generous in there also. This one guy offered & bought me a $200 bottle of moet because he said that I shouldn't be walking around with a half cup full of drink. I had a ball.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, we went to the party at the Wachovia and it wasn't 'hittin' on anything. We left at went to Westin. It was jumping out there.