Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shooting in the clubs

By now, I’m sure you heard about the shooting inside Crush nightclub on Sunday night.

Apparently, two people suffered leg wounds.
When I first heard about it, I wasn’t surprised. Sundays at Crush draw what I call the white-T-shirt-gold-teeth crowd. It tends to be a young and rowdy crowd, sort of like the black equivalent to slam dancers.

I figured someone would eventually get shot at the popular Sunday night gathering.

Since the incident, I’ve learned that my assumption was incorrect. Yes, two people were injured. Yes, someone smuggled a gun into the club. But the shooting wasn’t the result of an altercation. Word on the street is that someone had a gun in his pants and he was jumping around while dancing. The gun went off.

I’m glad the shooting wasn’t intentional, but there are still some serious issues to address here.

First, I’m angry that a partier brought a gun into the club in the first place.

If Charlotte’s little wannabe-thugs would stop associating their manhood with violence, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But time and time again, too many of the young men who wear oversized T-shirts and prefer rappers whose names start with “Lil’” act as if they go to the club to fight, not party. Guys, grow up.

Second, the club must improve security. They know who they draw on Sundays. I understand how shootings occur in club parking lots, but there’s no excuse for a gun to get inside a club.

I’m glad to know that since Sunday’s incident, the security guard in charge of pat-downs that night will no longer be used at Crush, and the club plans to start using metal detectors on Sundays as well (unfortunately, a measure that's overdue).

(BTW: I realize black clubgoers aren’t the only ones dealing with this. The same night the Crush incident happened, someone was killed at the Hispanic club El Vaquero in East Charlotte.)

What else can clubs do to improve security? What else can we do to get young knuckleheads to stop tripping in clubs?


Anonymous said...

The music spouts the hate.
So if the shoe fits...........
Maybe if all of you stop listening to the hate filled, obscene garbage and it will dry up and go away.

Anonymous said...

I think all clubs (white, black, latino, etc) should have huge signs at the door that read, "upon entry, all patrons are agreeing to a possible random search by an off duty CMPD officer. That will scare some folks to leave their weapons and drugs outside of a club. Plus, it would give the police an opportunity to make some much deserved extra money!

Anonymous said...

Tonya, guns do not "go off" from jumping around. There is not a firearm manufactured or sold in this country that can be fired in any other manner than PULLING the trigger. That has been the case for many years.

The simple fact is that some idiot probably was playing with the gun and choose to deny responsibility for that by trying to create some distance between an incredibly irresponsible act and the discharge fo the firearm. I know you're not giving him a pass for having it with him in the first place, but don't give him a pass on how it was fired either.

The firing may or may not have been intentional, but to an absolute certainty the individual is lying about how it was discharged. He may very well be lying about WHY it was discharged as well.