Monday, November 13, 2006

What's up with K-Ci?

When I walked up to Tempo nightclub at about 10 Thursday evening, I was surprised to see there wasn't a line for the free K-Ci (K-Ci & JoJo) show. The lack of people inside the club was even more of a surprise. In the past month, I've been to free Bobby Valentino and Ruben Studdard concerts at Tempo, and both were packed. The line for Valentino’s show stretched down the building. I assumed the same would happen for K-Ci.

After all, K-Ci can actually sing, and he, his brother JoJo Hailey and their group Jodeci are from the Charlotte area. They have a catalog of hits; some have been couples' wedding songs, others are directly responsible for countless babies.

After watching K-Ci climb on his bodyguard's shoulder and walk through the sparse crowd while singing the Bobby Womack classic "If You Think You're Lonely Now," I realized the people who didn't spend their Thursday night at Tempo were way smarter than I. Every time I see K-Ci or his brother perform, I hope the next show will be better than the last, but it never is. During the 25-minute set to promote his long-awaited solo debut "My Book," the rail-thin K-Ci took his shirt off as usual and screeched out the Womack tune, "Freakin' U" and other songs. His voice was ragged.

He sounded better a few hours earlier when I interviewed him after sound check. He was slightly more sober. During the interview, K-Ci talked excitedly about the tour, his solo project, and the even longer-awaited upcoming Jodeci album. He was personable and polite. When his cell phone rang, he answered it, turned it off and apologized profusely for being unprofessional.

A ringing cell phone is the least of K-Ci's worries. If he really wants to be professional, he'll dry out and put on a concert worthy of his talent.


Matt Chung said...

You have alot of nerve telling everyone K-Ci needs to "dry out" when all you talk about is how buzzed up you and your girlfriends get most every night, and what you drink and where, and how you guest bartend everywhere.

You ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT QUESTION promote drinking as a lifestyle choice, but then have the gall to turn around and publicly criticize someone else like that??

You bess' done check yo-self , Sista Hypocrite!!!

NEWSFLASH: Nobody is EVER gonna care about what those fools K-Ci & JoJo do, unless we jump in a time machine and kick it back to 1997.

As for your half-ass show review, the crowd that stayed home is definitely smarter than you. Both K-Ci & JoJo have a horrible track record insofar as gigs and have been dissapointing fans with their crappy live shows and nonsense for over a decade now. This isn't news to anyone.

K-Ci may need to dry out, but you need to dry up. The sooner the better.

Ronnie Biggs said...

Matt has a point you know, you and all your "Paid To Party" BS calling out somebody for having a few too many.

K-Ci is a joke, but you're an even bigger one. Do us all a favor and move back to DC.

PJ said...

I dunno what y'all are talking about cause kci can definitely sing live real well. Jojo has on the occasion been sick during live performances which has caused him to suffer but if any of y'all seen any jodeci concerts in the mid 90s or their most recent stint in the UK, you would know that they are great singers in and out of the studio which is more than you can say for a lot of acts out today. While I cannot comment of how kci has lived his life, I do suggest you all listen to his album to see how he sounds before going off on him (it is quite good and its not just me saying that). You need only ask artists today who they feel were huge influential factors in their music to realize that kci (jojo dalvin and devante) are no jokes. bottom line
is that jodeci was the impetus behind
much of current r and b music and kci
one of the most talented and recognizable leads.

Anonymous said...

K-Ci jumped the shark many years ago. I'm glad he and Jodeci were around many years ago and gave Charlotte some props on the national stage, but that was 15 years ago. Let's push some fresh new talent now.

Anonymous said...