Sunday, November 26, 2006

Panthers Skinned!

What's up Panther fans! I know you all thought I was crazy predicting the Redskins would beat the Panthers, but we did it baby. We did it. No, we didn't win 30-0 as my scalp predicted, but we went home with the big W!
Panther fans take solace in this: you party way better than Skins fans. I tailgated at Sunday's game, and I don't know if the Orange E section was a bad spot or what, but Skins tailgates were boring. No, diehard fans with turntables and booming speakers, no live bands and only one crew with a TV set up in the rear of their SUV.
Panther fans, you might have lost the game, but you won the battle of the tailgate.
Don't forget to swing by Madison's uptown tonight. I'll be bartending with V101.9's Chirl Girl. All tips go to the Dignity U Wear charity. You can contribute to a good cause, try my special Redskins' concoction and join me in a round of:
"Hail to the Redskins, hail victory, braves on the warpath, fight for old D.C. ...."


Anonymous said...

As a Panther fan I'm glad to hear you're not one of us. And as a Charlotte resident I wish you were not part of that group either. Go ahead and move to D.C. already. You don't fit in here. No one will miss you or your lame excuse for a column.

Anonymous said...

You are a miserable human being.

Larken said...

I love how people post ignorant comments on here and refuse to attach their names to them. If you thought you were saying something worthwhile you would take credit for it. Next time you have something stupid to say don't hide behind the tag "anonymous" so we know who to laugh at.

Love ya Tonya

Yancey Tidwell said...

I love how Larken goes out of his way to kiss Tonya's fanny in hopes she'll give (the tremendously weak) Elevate Magazine "Mad PropZ & Shout-Owts, YO" in her "column".

It's almost as see-thru as her ridiculously racialist social commentary and pro-homosexual agenda.

Unfortunately, Tonya's not going anywhere.

She knows all to well she'd have one helluva time finding some other brain-dead collection of idiots that will pay her to party, pretend to be a journalist,guest bartend at gay clubs, criticize da Gubmint and "the man" and disparage our football team.

Anonymous said...

You dont like her columns and you read and post to them because.....

Katherine said...


Anonymous said...

Charlotte fans are funny. Up until 1996 most of y'all were Dead--er Redskins fans.