Monday, October 16, 2006

Tonya @ Dixie's / Roots update

Don't forget, tonight, tonight tonight, I'm doing it up at Dixie's Tavern. I'll be behind the bar mixing drinks and making a mess. Fall through and holla' @ yo' girl.

Also, from Mike Kitchen, The Roots is at capacity and no more RSVP e-mails are being accepted. It's 21 and private. If you didn't get your RSVP confirmation or don't make it into the show, be sure to check my blog on Friday, you know I'll give you the 411. Heck, if you do get in the show, check my blog anyway and tell me what you think.


Chris Lockett said...

Tonya yesterday I listen to you on WBT with Keith Larson,Why do you let him clown you like that? Back-handed comments or simple ways of just saying that your stupid.He will take what you say and turn it around just ask Mel Watt.I strongly suggest you listen to the show today to see just how much he will really clown you while you're not in the studio.I knew exactly what you meant when you said you agree with Kerry,because I have friends who when in just for the benefits.Keith is really a good dude but he makes black people look stupid.Have you heard the interview with Rev. Barnett? Holla!
Chris Lockett